How shared moving can lighten your burden

shared part moving south africaAre you moving to a particular place? It’s recommended you get a good mover – partly because you deserve not to undergo the stress of lugging around your stuff, and it’s safer, faster, and less expensive than you think, especially when you consider shared moving!

What is shared moving?

Shared moving is when you and another customer “share” a moving van for the need to transfer your belongings. The most beneficial and useful for those who only need moderate to small space to put their stuff and are considering a cheaper alternative because of a tight budget.
Because you’ll only be paying for part of the space your things are occupying in the moving truck or vehicle, it’s relatively affordable!

How does it work?

Also closely related to “back loading” (the two are sometimes used synonymously.) You may avail of this kind of service when the company is moving in the same direction of the shared customer – that is, if you’re moving from point A to B, your fellow customer’s destination has to be en route to that.
It also works vice versa, if your destination is located “on the way” to the shared person’s place. It’s even better if both destinations are in the same building, compound, or in the same vicinity.

Why should I go for it?

Well, there are numerous benefits when one chooses to go for shared moving, among many others, our top ones include:

• It’s cheap! (When you’re paying for the whole van that usually won’t get filled up with a regular move, you’ll only be paying half or enough for the space you’re occupying with shared moving!)
• It’s convenient! (Way better than moving it yourself, shared also moving has stricter deadlines, meaning your stuff will reach their destinations on time)
• It’s safe! (When you might have second thoughts sharing some space for your stuff with others, shared movers exercise more diligence when taking care of your belongings. The same as, and occasionally even better than a regular moving company!)

Thank you to Active Transport for their insights on how shared load moving works.