Thursday, 25 November 2010

The crying game

Just a quickie... I was miraculously early dropping Travis off at Wiggles & Squiggles this morning, so I spent five minutes chilling with the Lionheart on the play mat before the morning circle.

There's a new girl in the Nursery class - her name is Katelyn. This dear little thing cries a bit in the mornings, and today, as Katelyn was shedding a few tears, Laelah started bawling. So Norah decided to chip in with a few sobs of her own. Not to be upstaged by the girls, Travis thought that he would put in his own Oscar-winning performance for best drama. Four toddlers all in tears at once!

It's terrible, I know, but I struggled to hold in my laughter.
I think a few chuckles may have escaped at this symphony of tears.


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  1. I was in tears myself dropping off my wee munchkin this morning.

    A very dramatic top-volume "Don't go Mummy!" with the Teacher prying her off me.

    Its sent me over the edge this morning. It doesn't get easier....


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