Sunday, 14 November 2010

Samson and his flowing locks

"All this roaring makes a
Lionheart very sleepy indeed..."
It's 6.30pm and the Lionheart has passed out from sheer exhaustion, thanks to his close 'brush' with certain death earlier this afternoon. Well, Travis thought it was a near-fatal experience. In actual fact, we gave him a haircut with a no.4 electric clipper.

"Potato. Po-tah-toe!" I'm sure he'd say if he could speak.

Trav's only had, say, maybe five haircuts in his three-and-a-bit years. We can't take him down to those delightfully kitch kiddie cut salons with the elephant rides, and Disney channel on all the TV screens, and the smiley, upbeat hairdresser with nerves of steel and clever tricks of distraction up her sleeve.

Travis will scream when that strange, coiffed lady leaps out at him from the bewildering wall murals of the kiddies' hair salon. He'll shake his head: no, no, NO! He'll probably lose the tip of an ear. No doubt the hairdresser will lose an entire finger when he bites her out of a sense of self-preservation.

Instead of being handed a My First Haircut certificate with a lock of his hair, I'll be handed a restraining order or an emergency room bill.

So, we have to cut Trav's hair at home. With hair clippers that buzz very loudly. It's traumatic for Travis, who is freaked out to a degree that is deeply upsetting to witness. I have to clamp the Lionheart tightly into my lap, restraining his hands and keeping a tight grip on his head while Morne wields the hair clippers. It only takes five minutes, but by the end I am covered in hair and claw marks, Morne is wound tight with stress, and Travis is exhausted from fear (and yes, loathing).

This could be avoided, I'm sure. My options are: let his hair grow, or, cut it in his sleep. The picture of Travis in the bathtub in the top right corner of this blog was taken only a few week ago. He's sporting what my best friend Liette calls his 'Mowgli' hair, like the character from the Jungle Book. It's 30 degrees-plus in Johannesburg at the moment, and the Lionheart's mane was driving him nuts: hot, itchy and scratchy. Also, he cultivated snaggy dreadlocks that would have impressed the hell out of Bob Marley. As for cutting his hair in his sleep, let's just say that Trav has modelled some interesting chunky hairstyles in the past.

The world is a frightening place when you're a Lionheart with sensory integration issues. Poor little guy.

Looks cute with the short hair though, doesn't he? Hopefully when he awakes he's forgotten all about his traumatic ordeal with the clippers.

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