Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Spleesh-splashing with eco.kid

DISCLAIMER: Something we promise Lionheart fans is that we’ll never bore you with blah-blah about schmooze-schmooze and all that gratuitous nonsense. We don't give a pickled fig about freebies or strapping a rocket on our blog stats. We’ll only endorse something that A) We’ve actually tried and B) scored big brownie points with the Lionheart. And he's a tough crowd. Jislaaik.  

We’ve been slathering on the eco.kid range of lotions and potions. Asking for some samples was a no-brainer, really:
  • Travis is famous for spending at least 60 minutes in the bath tub each night. 
  • I don’t know about the rest of you moms, but my toddler does not fare well after soaking up a chemical ingredient that’s longer than five syllables. 
  • And the label is also in Braille! As you guys know, the Lionheart is visually impaired.

After reading about the label being in Braille, I emailed and asked if I could try some. Cheeky, huh? But it makes sense; Travis goes to a school with plenty of blind and visually impaired children.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you: these organic kiddie products from the land of Oz ain’t cheap, but we’ve been trying them out in the tub these last few nights, and Travis seems to dig them.

Especially the Daily Leave-in Tonic that comes in a spray bottle and smells like spearmint. Travis made me spritz his hair with it about 50 times that first night. (Imagine the combination: autistic toddler meets spray bottle = again, again, again, AGAIN!) His hair was tangle free and minty fresh for days afterwards.

If your kid has sensitive skin, then it’s probably well worth the R260 price tag for a giant 500ml bottle of the TLC hypo-allergenic hair and body wash. It has a golden, honey colour and the ingredient list shows coconut, wheat and glittering pixie farts. Okay, just the first two.

The Call Me Bubbles bubble bath is R150 a bottle and it has a lemon-orange-grapefruit scent. You need to be generous with it though, the instructions say use at least two capfuls and they’re not kidding.

I also liked this promise the whole range carries: “Pinky swear! No bad stuff allowed in eco.kid products. Only flowers and trees, oils and leaves that are organically certified, wild harvested and a nice shade of grassy green... so thanks Mother Nature!” 

So yeah, we gave the eco.kid range a whirl and it’s made the Lionheart’s bathtub rituals a more environmentally friendly affair. You can get your hands on some at www.ecobuddies.co.za.

This concludes our public service announcement.

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  1. I want the daily leave-in tonic!!! Luca's hair requires a special kinda treatment to stay "tame"!


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