Friday, 3 February 2012

WTF Friday: Blues eyes... my baby’s got blue-green-purple eyes!

I have never had to listen to someone with brown eyes wax poetic about how their eye colour changes depending on their mood, the weather or what colour underpants they’re trotting. Given that the brown-eyed segment of the global population is a whopping 80% chunk of the pie graph, I guess I should count my blessings...

Brown-eyes (and I’m addressing this to all people, me included, with this eye colour and not a line-up of puckered sphincters), aren’t you tired of hearing how your blue-eyed buddy’s irises have a green halo with a hazel speckle when there’s a solar eclipse? Or “they’re actually more grey than powder blue on a cloudy day”? Or “my eyes go from turquoise to emerald green when I’m PMSing”?

Sooner or later, a conversation with someone who has blue-slash-green-slash-grey-slash-purple eyes will turn (read: be steered) to a fascinating tale of their kaleidoscopic, mood barometer-like peepers.

I lump these snore-fest chats in the same category as the special meaning behind someone’s tribal tattoo, belly ring and Ed Hardy t-shirts – one of those things that despite your best intentions, doesn’t make you unique or special, because everyone is doing it.

A good counter is: “Have you noticed how my eyes are more caramel brown than dark chocolate brown when I’m hungry? I think I might be a vampire!” And just you try rolling your blue-but-actually-aqua-when-I’m-at-the-coast eyes when I say that...


  1. I am part of the brown eyed side but I can say that they do go almost green when I am pissed off. Maybe I am a vampire:) Not the kind that sparkles obviously.
    My toddler son has blue eyes so I see a number of those wierd talks in the future.

  2. mwhaha laughing so hard my irises are going positively navy

  3. I am one of those eyes-change-colour people :-p

    Its not something I often talk about though - most people who see me regularly actually notice it and will comment but when I meet you I wont go "Hi I am Laura and my eyes change colour" :)

  4. Thanks for the laugh. Me and the hubby both have brown eyes and lo and behold, 3 kids and not a brown eye in sight. One pure blue, one of those color green/ lue change people you talk about and one hazel eyes that just never look the same.

  5. LOL! I have grey eyes and I'm the odd one out in my family as both my husband and daughter have brown eyes. People of the light eyed variety seem to think that their eyes are the most beautiful but I can honestly say, I have never seen the same level of depth & warmth in our light eyes as I see when I look into the beautiful chocolate orbs of my husband and my daughter!
    Brown eyes rule! LOL!


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