Friday, 9 March 2012

Give a Lionheart your old iPad

Here at Lionheart HQ, we try to take part in one special needs charity event each year. Last year I pushed Travis the Lionheart around Jozi’s Zoo Lake in his pram as part of the Walk for Autism awareness campaign.

This year, to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April, six autism charities in South Africa are taking part in The Big Autism Thing. On 31 March, they’ll be walking from Durban all along the coastline to Cape Town, arriving there on 9 June! That’s right, walking.

As much as I’d like to push Travis the Lionheart all the way to the Mother City, I have a feeling that even the fancy wheels on his special needs Maclaren Major Elite pushchair (donated by some kind folk – you know who you are!) won’t make it.

But we want to do SOMETHING! We want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! So here’s what we’re going to try do:

Donate your old iPad!

WHAT TO DO: Have you upgraded from an iPad to an iPad 2? Is your old iPad gathering dust on a shelf? It may be old tech to you, but for an autistic child it’s like the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! So much has been written about how iPads are helping autistic children communicate and learn; it’s an education tool that works. I have seen it in action with my own eyes.

If just one generous soul will donate me their old iPad, I will collect it, have it wiped and cleaned up at an iStore, and put it in the hands of a child with autism. Through your generosity, you will literally change a Lionheart’s life. (As you know, we call all special needs children Lionhearts here...)

WHEN WILL YOU HAND OVER THE IPAD? On April 2, to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day.

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO GETS THE IPAD? Should we manage to get one iPad in, I will create an entry mechanism on this blog where any parent or guardian of an autistic child can enter to ‘win’ it. The ‘winner’ will be chosen randomly, to be fair. The chosen family must email or fax me a letter from their specialist, even if it’s a one-liner, confirming their child’s diagnosis (just to rule out any chancers).

Easy peasy! Do you have an old iPad? Drop me an email at

Help me spread the word!

TWEET: Donate your old iPad to a child with autism! #iPadsforLionhearts

T&Cs: 1) Apologies if the word 'iPad' attracts any spambots; the workaround 'eyePad' might confuse potential donors. 2) This initiative is open to SA residents only. 


  1. Worthy cause! I wish I had an "old" ipad *sigh* (I don't even have a new one :D)

  2. Wow dude, I wish I had one to give you! Will share this with my friends and see if we can hook one up for you :0)

  3. Oh I wish I had one to give. Sucha worthy cause

  4. Hope you don't mind- I shared this initiative through Autism South Africa- what a great way to raise awareness and help a child out. You rock!


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