Monday, 26 March 2012

To get flu shots... or snot to get flu shots?

It’s occurred to me that today the sound of my keyboard clacking is louder than the sound of my voice. I must sound like an old record, scratchy with a hiss of static (this is what I guess because, of course, none of us know what we really sound like).

I get laryngitis up to three times a year, and it usually comes from snuggling my Lionheart when he’s caught a strain of the change-of-season sniffles. While I’m pressing get-better-quick kisses into his forehead, I also breathe in lungfuls of Trav’s germy germs.

This year’s strain should be called (in Big Friendly Giant style) the Snotgobbler of 2012, because even after he’s finished his course of antibiotics, I’m still pulling yards of slimy boogers from Trav’s nose. On the plus side, we’re making some progress with nose-blowing. It’s not that the Lionheart doesn’t know how to blow out of his nose; he’s just decided to blow his boogers into his hand. 

I know... snips and snails and puppy dog tails boogers, right?

Tissues used to make him freak out – it must have been a sensory thing – but in the last few days he’s starting to let me press a Kleenex up against his nose. Now all we need is for him to trumpet!

When I’m not on booger duty, I’m keeping a sharp eye on Ryan the Squishy Gorilla, because at five months old he’s never been ill. I’d imagine he doesn’t have much in the way of antibodies. Fingers crossed, he seems okay so far. Big Guy Upstairs, hear our prayers.

In the five years we’ve been a family, we’ve never done flu shots. I mean, who wants to get a jabbed by a needle, voluntarily? But looking back, if I’d bought stocks in GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals, who are the guys that make the antibiotic Augmentin – by now we’d probably be rich enough to buy our own island, and we’d never have to breathe in the flu germs of sick strangers again.

But unfortunately, we’re not rich enough to buy our own house, let alone a private island. And I have a feeling my kids might get picked on if I sent them to school in ‘bubble boy’ suits.

So it looks like another season of seven, eight, nine trips to the GP – who’ll scrawl the words ‘influenza’ (no shit, Sherlock) on our medical records, bill us R350 for that sage diagnosis, and hand over a script for the people’s antibiotic, you guessed it, Augmentin.

Unless... unless getting a flu shot is worth it. Have you taken your family yet? Where did you get it done and how much did it cost? Is it worth alligator wrestling the Lionheart to get it done?

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  1. I took my two for flu jabs.. Dischem.. for FREE! So far, so good, but I'm waiting for the REAL winter to make a judgment on how good or bad they are!

  2. I have never taken my kids for these shots and touch wood they have never been sick!

    So I have never really seen the need for it.

    I home medicate 98% of the time and so far we have done ok.

  3. My midwife said that age 2 is a good age to start with the flu shots, so my eldest will be getting his first one soon. I have no idea what it costs though. She did say that if he gets the flu, it won't last as long or be as bad as it can get after the shot.

    Now is also the time to do the flu shot if you are considering it.

  4. I have no idea - my mom always get one and never gets sick. But to wait until they are healthy for the shots is the question - because I never know when something is brewing.


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