Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Brothers, in black and white

Presenting Travis the Lionheart and his baby brother Ryan the Squishy Gorilla, in moody black-and-white glory. A huge thank you goes to photographer Noeleen (who probably juggles fire and performs other such dazzling feats in her spare time), for patiently snapping away while Travis played his grumposaurus card, and Ryan resolutely chewed on his bottom lip. I have an entire disc of beautiful shots, but thought I share these two quickly as it's been a while since I've posted recent photos of the stars of this blog.


  1. They are such beautiful boys. Stunning shots

  2. Your boys are really cute!

  3. Noeleen is brill and these pics are lovely. Ryan looks just like his father (his real one not the fantasy one he was named after ;))

  4. You certainly do make cute boys! Lovely photo's. Please share more when you can?


Thanks for sharing, Lionheart readers. ROAR!