Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Houston, we have an iPad!

Yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day, and the team of walkers for the Big Autism Thing left Durban at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning to begin their journey – on foot – down South Africa’s coastline all the way to Cape Town. They’re arriving at the Mother City on 9 June, and you can track their progress via satellite here.

You’ll remember that the Lionhearts wanted to do something to raise awareness around autism, too. So #iPadsforLionhearts was born. We tweeted and you re-tweeted. We posted on Facebook; you shared on Facebook. We sent out emails and gave our friends and family the big ol’ puppy dog eyes look.

Until, one wonderful person found it in their heart to part ways with their old iPad – which we’re passing onto a child with autism. Thank you so much to Sarah @SezLeigh and Phil @za5 for donating us your iPad; you’ve quite literally changed a child’s life through your generosity!

So who gets the iPad? I couldn’t bring myself to turn the gifting of this wonderful tool into a competition on the blog, so I’ve made some discreet enquiries and should be re-homing the iPad with a child in the Johannesburg area on Easter Weekend. I’ll keep you posted!


Thanks for sharing, Lionheart readers. ROAR!