Monday, 30 April 2012

This is not a love post

This should be a post about how brilliant it is that our new domain is live… but this is a post about how brilliant it is to be married to the guy who was up way past midnight making it happen.

Every interview I’ve done asks: “What do you never blog about?” The answer is: “My marriage.” This was a special request, and I’ve done my best to honour it over the years. But just this once I’m giving you a peek behind the shower curtain at the other half of ‘living lionheart’: the (devastatingly handsome and intelligent) Husband.

True to the universal Laws of Love, in this case Section 12.B, paragraph three… it reads “opposites attract”.

While the Lionheart and Squishy Gorilla’s parents are one of those couples that look more and more like each other as the years trundle by (it’s creepy, actually), I’m the write-your-heart-out journalist while the Husband remains an intensely private person. While I scribble in the confessional booth that is this here ‘blag’, the Husband remains behind the scenes, tinkering with IP addresses, setting up email accounts and looking appropriately Mysterious.

I am married to the quintessential Camel man.

The Husband has a motorcross bike, and whizzes down the sides of Jozi’s bone-white mine dumps on it. He refuses to let the Honda dealership replace the brake pads in my race car ya-ya – he does it himself. The week before last, with the help of his brother (you rock, Phil-pants), the Husband installed our new dark wood cupboards in our bedroom. He will kick your ass at Call of Duty and won us a giant flatscreen, beating South African driver Gugu Zulu in the semifinals of an Xbox race-off last year. He makes the best Durban curry (the Husband, not Gugu Zulu).

He sneaks a toasted sandwich onto my desk when I’m on a deadline. He loves animals; in fact I’m jealous of all the belly rubs that Soapy the Labrador and Doctor Steven Watkins (our cat) get. The Husband is a Mensa-certified genius, and gets annoyed when I drop this fun fact into conversations. But he’ll probably be more annoyed by this: the Husband has buns so tight you can bounce a coin off them!

Carwash manager by day, Linux problem-solver by night, all the Husband wants you blog readers to know is that you can get your ride waxed and polished to shining perfection at the 082 Carwash just off Klipriver Drive, next to the Panorama fleamarket in the South of Johannesburg.

But I want you to know that the Husband is made of awesome. And I won’t be offended at all if you sneak a peek at aforementioned buns while you’re getting your car washed.

Thank you, my love, for getting the Living Lionheart domain up and running last night.

Thank you for never leaving my side on this bumpy road – even though raising a disabled child is the scariest, hardest thing I’ve ever done, and sometimes it makes me behave like a bad-tempered orc. A lesser man would have walked out on us years ago, but you’re still here.

Thank you for giving me Ryan the Squishy Gorilla, which was the second scariest thing I’ve ever done – we took a risk, and have been blessed immeasurably.

And thank you… for all those sandwiches.


  1. What a beautiful post. And even this lesbian is curious about checking out the buns.

  2. Wow, I don't think any man will be able to beat the Husband. Great post! :)
    P.S. My hubs would kill me if I wrote about him, haha!

  3. What an awesome post :) We may not have much but we have awesome men in our lives!!! YAY us!!

    PS - an IT guru is hand to have - especially one who can be paid in "love" and not cash :-p

  4. GO Team Lionheart and especially the Husband. Some days I wish Robin had more of an IT brain but I will take what I've got cos he is so handy in many other ways. LOL!

  5. I just read this post now, somehow this one slipped through the cracks. WOW Stacey, I am really happy to say that this post has made me realise that we need to appreciate the finer things in life :-). U never know what obstacles you will be faced with and I am glad that u and Husband make a great team.
    My hubby is also in the same line of work - Unix System Administrator/Team Leader. He works for hours and hours at a time and sometimes I can really go off my rocker when he works all hours of the night but I am slowly learning that he has a reason for it. He works so hard at work but will still come home and make my life easier. I am happy to say that I have a great husband like yours and it goes a long way in a relationship. BIG UPS to you and Husband :-)


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