Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review: Cuddlers nappies and baby wipes

Nappies and bum creams, bottle and teats… which brand you use is a Big Deal with moms, especially first-timers fresh out of the maternity ward. If I had a R5 coin for every kitchen tea and play date where I’ve listened to the Great Debate about Pampers versus Huggies; my kids’ education funds are sorted.
So why not Cuddlers? Is it because they’re cheaper?

There is one test that a disposable nappy needs to pass to make it onto the monthly shopping list in the Lionheart household – it mustn’t leak overnight. After bath-time both Ryan the Squishy Gorilla and Travis the Lionheart have been taped into a Cuddlers nappy to sleep in for the last few evenings. The short of it is: no leaks or soaked PJs.

The long of it is: the Cuddlers range comes in fives sizes – newborn (2-5kg), small (3-6kg), medium (5-9kg), large (8-18kg) and x-large (15+kg). Baby Ryan fits into the large and Travis miraculously fits into the x-large, but only just-just. Congratulations, Cuddlers, because the Lionheart weighs in at around 25kg!

In fact, the size of the nappies is the first thing that I noticed when I took one out of the packet to examine it. The flaps around the edges and the ones that extend up to the bellybutton and at the back are rather generous. Now, I know that in the more ‘premium’ brands of nappies these have been trimmed close, probably with comfort in mind. But hey, I’m no baby ergonomics specialist.

We’re having a terrible problem with poo leaking out of the back of the Squishy Gorilla’s nappies at the moment – probably because he is so very active that it’s just forced out of the top and dirties the back of his T-shirt. (I totally nearly wrote T-shit there). This hasn’t happened since Ryan’s been testing out Cuddlers.

And another point I’d like to make – there’s no weird smell, other than the usual, err, ‘natural’ ones, coming from the nappy once it has been wet. I do know of other brands that have a worryingly ammonia smell, no doubt coming from whatever magical chemical retains the liquids in the lining.

I only have three critical comments.

The first is that having two diaper-rockers in the house, I struggled to figure out which size went onto which bum, as there is no ‘large’ and ‘x-large’ stamp anywhere on the nappy. The second is that the Cuddlers naps are purple with butterflies, a design which is distinctly girly, in my humble opinion. The third is that that the Husband did rip the tabs off a few tester nappies when we were trying to see if they would fit Travis – but I can’t really say if that means that the tabs are flimsy, as the Lionheart is clearly too big to be squeezed in the x-large Cuddlers.

Cuddlers also have their own wetwipes which are alcohol and perfume-free, with aloe vera for sensitive skins. There’s even a handy pocket-size packet, which I’ve been carrying around in my handbag.

Which brings me neatly back to: why not Cuddlers? They’re cost-effective, comfortable, and don’t leak. What more do you want in a disposable nappy?

The Cuddlers range gets three-and-a-half 'roars' of approval out of five from the Lionhearts.



  1. Oh we rocked Cuddlers big time during our nappy years. Our paediatrician actually recommended them because with twins, well, the costs mount quickly.

  2. I swore by Cuddlers when C was a baby. For real!

  3. I tried Cuddlers but the fit wasn't very good on my daughter and the tabs broke. Would try them again though as I need a cost saving

  4. My only gripe with Cuddlers is they have a very boxey shape which is probably fine on little boys in trackie pants or jeans, but looks rather unattractive on little girls in leggings.

  5. I've changed to Cuddlers from Pampers Premium Care and Huggies Gold after a recommendation from a friend. Since then, NO LEAKS at all which was a problem I had with the other brands. At first I was reluctant to change because I thought it was bad quality but now I wouldn't change back. No broken tabs with me yet.

    I agree that it's too girly though

  6. I refuse to use Drymax diapers because my baby has such sensitive skin so I love that they still have a product without Drymax features. Simply the best kind of diapers on the market.


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