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About me

Stacey Vee’s been doing this media shizzle for 13 years, and likes to brag that back when her boobs were perky she worked for FHM. No, she did not wear a bikini to the office. Why do people always ask that?

But you’re probably more interested in her street cred as a parenting journalist, which includes articles and interviews in: Your Pregnancy, Your Baby and Toddler, Living & Loving, Special Kids, Mom & Me, and

She started the Living Lionheart blog when her eldest son Travis was born with a rare brain malformation called Septo Optic Dysplasia. That’s the long medical name. The ‘sexy’ name is De Morsier syndrome. But there’s nothing sexy about raising a child with special needs. It sucks balls.*

This blog is about (in no particular order): motherhood, baking, Mojitos and Cosmopolitans, special needs and disabilities, pregnancy, family stuff, sibling rivalry, Sylvia Plath-like confessions, good books, pretty things, baby products, reviews and giveaways, fun things to do with kids, and vague references to the jabberwocky.

Stacey has four men in her life: The Husband. Travis the Lionheart (8). His younger brother Ryan the Mighty Squish (3). And Oliver (2), the littlest but not the least!

Together the Lionheart family lives, laughs and runs bubble baths in Johannesburg, South Africa.

* Warning: this blog contains oodles of naughty words.